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We are recruiting!

Our lab is located in Piscataway, New Jersey, within commuting distance to NYC. We are part of a community of 250+ neuroscience labs at Rutgers, including a world-class addiction research program.

Updated May 2021

Postdoctoral position: We are currently seeking a motivated and enthusiastic postdoc to join our growing team. The candidate will work on a NIDA-funded project investigating the role of hypothalamic neuropeptide systems in drug (cocaine, opioid) use and binge eating disorder. We are especially interested in candidates with experience in molecular neurobiology approaches (PCR, Western Blots, RNA isolation, single-cell RNAseq/ATACseq etc). Opportunities for training include drug self-administration and behavioral modeling, chemogenetics, calcium imaging, optogenetics and viral-mediated anatomical tracing techniques. Candidates should hold a PhD, MD or equivalent (or be close to graduating), with experience in neuroscience, psychology, pharmacology or related disciplines. Most importantly, the candidate should be self-motivated, have strong oral and written communication skills (evidenced by a track record of publications) and above all, be a good lab citizen. We pride ourselves on offering an inclusive and supportive lab environment and we encourage applications by members of all backgrounds, including underrepresented groups. 


Interested applicants should reach out to Dr. Morgan James at morgan.james [at] to discuss opportunities.

Graduate students: We currently have resources to support up to 2 graduate students in the RU School of Graduate Studies Neuroscience program.

Students interested in rotating in the James Lab can reach out to morgan.james [at]

Undergraduate researchersWe are always looking for bright and enthusiastic RU students to join our team. We have a strong track record of training and mentoring undergraduate students - from first-year students seeking lab experience to seniors carrying out their senior honors thesis. Our students have an excellent record of continuing onto medical school, graduate school, and other science-related professions. Although we do not require undergraduate researchers to have prior research experience per se, a keen interest in psychiatry, psychology, neuroscience, or biology is a must, as is a willingness to work alongside others in a strong team environment. Undergraduates are asked to commit a minimum of 10 hours/week in the lab, over a minimum period of 1 year. 

Interested students should send a CV, academic transcript, and a brief paragraph describing their interest in our lab to morgan.james [at]

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Lab Address

683 Hoes Lane West

Piscataway, New Jersey 08854

For general inquiries, please reach out to us via email at 

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